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Abstract Poetry

October 6, 2014

creweled doilies
be jeweled the table
on which those lowly
rolly pollies fooled
the enabled holy rollers
also known as teetotalers
alligators ate
the motley lot with glee
a juicy plated jubilee
dedicated solely
to sobriety


In the Dark

July 2, 2014







listen dear
do you hear that noise?
not exactly a bee’s bumbling
more a benign bear’s growl
a bassoon out of tune
followed by a hiss
a hoot owl’s croupy cough
is it the greedy grunt of a ravenous pig?
the snorts of a wild boar’s nose
pressed to fecund forest floor?
whatever it is
that eruption at the door
please turn on the light
i can’t take it anymore
oh my god!
it’s granny’s snore

I Died Last Night

June 5, 2014

I closed my eyes and died last night
while whispering my prayers
and slipped into the painless void
the dark of nothing there
but then I heard a singing bird
and the odd croak of a crow
“Shut up!  Shut up!”
he was certainly annoyed
I wondered why so?
my eyes then opened in surprise
amazed to be again alive
another day to live and learn
to shine the light that burns within
one more day to breathe and be
before I die again

June 3, 2014


Summer Song

first make the lemonade
lemonade for sale!
paint a picture on the paper
a yellow cup of lemonade
“lemonade” it says  “25 cents”
tape it to the big box
set on the sidewalk
get the pitcher, paper cups
and a chair for you and me
then we both wave and yell
“Ice cold lemonade
lemonade for sale!”

Under Wraps

April 3, 2014

Under Wraps


She wrapped up the day with ribbon and twine

and tied it up with flair

Poured herself a glass of wine

and then she undid her hair

Turned up the music she liked the best

and released the clasp of her bra

Chopped fine the veggies for a Chinese fest

and organized a slaw

Her mate arrived with flowers and kisses

at twenty minutes to seven

and after dinner he washed the dishes

while she turned on channel eleven

The news was boring so they went to bed

and the rest was behind the door

It’s up to you and what’s in your head

as for the bedtime story or snore