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Fragments of Dreamworld

November 20, 2014



Abstract Poetry

October 6, 2014

creweled doilies
be jeweled the table
on which those lowly
rolly pollies fooled
the enabled holy rollers
also known as teetotalers
alligators ate
the motley lot with glee
a juicy plated jubilee
dedicated solely
to sobriety

Reflections on Tomales Bay

September 18, 2014


sky water on the bay

kayak paddles splash

break the smooth glass

we leave a trail of ripples

a swath of dreamy blues

in tandem rhythm we

head upwind to Hog Island

Oysters on our minds

A Poem is like an Orange (SunWinks! 7 September 2014 – Shuffle)

September 15, 2014

A Poem is like an Orange (SunWinks! 7 September 2014 – Shuffle).

SunWinks! August 24, 2014: Keeping It Short

August 25, 2014

SunWinks! August 24, 2014: Keeping It Short.

WEMon: July 14, 2014 – The Little Annoyances of Marriage

July 15, 2014

A haiku is like a gem

July 11, 2014

Old Pond Comics

by Jessica Tremblay

A haiku is like a gem: you can find one in the dirt – if you’re lucky – but if you call it “Preeeecious!” people will look at you weird.

Most haiku are “diamonds in the rough” that need a lot of work to become jewels.

If you’re not sure what they’re worth, you can have them evaluated: the bad ones don’t sparkle in the light and, sometimes, the good ones are fake copies.

One thing is sure, once they’re out there, they lose their value: you can’t reuse them or pass them to someone else.

But isn’t that the whole point anyway, to find one that’s unique? So it’s no surprise that both haiku and gems can be used to ask someone to marry you.

 the candy gone

she keeps the ring –

puppy love

(This article was written in response to the NaHaiWriMo prompt

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June 3, 2014


Summer Song

first make the lemonade
lemonade for sale!
paint a picture on the paper
a yellow cup of lemonade
“lemonade” it says  “25 cents”
tape it to the big box
set on the sidewalk
get the pitcher, paper cups
and a chair for you and me
then we both wave and yell
“Ice cold lemonade
lemonade for sale!”

moths caught in the light…a concrete poem or….Triangles Tango

April 25, 2014

sky                                       why

angle                                   those

fly angel                          shy souls

jingle jangle             thrum tunes

my jambalaya        yummy banjos

might we tango ?  hear the music

you light a fire         in our kitchen

we’ll tangle               triple step it

triangles                            attracted

you/me                               caught

try                                               hi!


Online Poetry

April 10, 2014

vowels dance
in bright succession
on lines drawn
in cyber space
delightful chirps of birds
ancient dinosaurs who soar and sing
and to our desk bound bodies
silent wonder bring