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In the Dark

July 2, 2014







listen dear
do you hear that noise?
not exactly a bee’s bumbling
more a benign bear’s growl
a bassoon out of tune
followed by a hiss
a hoot owl’s croupy cough
is it the greedy grunt of a ravenous pig?
the snorts of a wild boar’s nose
pressed to fecund forest floor?
whatever it is
that eruption at the door
please turn on the light
i can’t take it anymore
oh my god!
it’s granny’s snore


Hermit Crab

June 16, 2014

Hermit Crab

hermit crab peeks out
thinking he is camouflaged
my camera clicks

Bliss Beidisia

May 27, 2014

i recline upon a cotton piqué cloud
adrift on the edge of this cool infinity pool
the wide arc of my view
spans the Bay of Banderas
a blend of palms, pelicans
sea and sky
brushed into nineteen hues
of green and blue
all shades intensify with the melting sun
as dusk blushes with a pale promise
of the rising moon
a dreamy day
disappears too soon

Sunset By The Sea