Abstract Poetry

creweled doilies
be jeweled the table
on which those lowly
rolly pollies fooled
the enabled holy rollers
also known as teetotalers
alligators ate
the motley lot with glee
a juicy plated jubilee
dedicated solely
to sobriety

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3 Responses to “Abstract Poetry”

  1. SunWinks! October 5, 2014: Music Without Melody | Writing Essential Group Says:

    […] Abstract Poetry […]

  2. steelheaddoug Says:

    Jan, looks to me like you tried the first version of the prompt and came up with something quite successful! Nice work! Thanks for playing SunWinks!

    • terramere Says:

      Thank you, Doug. I had fun but it doesn’t scan right. I am going to rework a line break. You are a wonderful SunWinker!

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