In the Dark







listen dear
do you hear that noise?
not exactly a bee’s bumbling
more a benign bear’s growl
a bassoon out of tune
followed by a hiss
a hoot owl’s croupy cough
is it the greedy grunt of a ravenous pig?
the snorts of a wild boar’s nose
pressed to fecund forest floor?
whatever it is
that eruption at the door
please turn on the light
i can’t take it anymore
oh my god!
it’s granny’s snore

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6 Responses to “In the Dark”

  1. terramere Says:

    Open to suggestions for improvement.

  2. pambrittain Says:

    I do not think this could be improved. It’s great!

  3. zsasushi Says:

    Jan, because this would be a good children’s poem, I’d recommend to sing it in your head so that your rhythm is more even.

    Susan B.

  4. irinadim Says:

    I like it, Jan. I’m not yet experienced enough to offer literary criticism, but I’d always follow Susan’s advice, of course.

  5. terramere Says:

    Good point, Susan. I will revise rhythm wise.

  6. poorpoetssociety by richard lynn livesay Says:

    great surprise at end .led me thru the dark unknown with a smile

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