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A Stitch In Time

February 5, 2014

The days of running up the stairs are gone
A stately climb enough to reach the top
My sewing room is on the second floor
Pink curtains frame the view of poplar trees
I sort through all the drawers to find the thread
I know I had a scarlet spool somewhere
Bright memories of Baba bubble up
She showed us how to stitch a simple seam
To cut and make the outfits for our dolls
Or was it Ma who first gave us the chance?
My mind is ragged now with fraying threads
No matter – whether grandma or her mom
They both had lost their minds before they passed
I have to mend that skirt before the dance
And hem the matching scarf that Ben will wear
I hope he won’t step on my toes again
Ah, here it is behind the bobbin case
As well as Baba’s scissors now antique
Her southern drawl lilts fondly in my head
“Let’s set a spell and talk before you go”
I start to sew now settled in her chair
Bright light and glasses ease the ancient task
Now lick the thread before it pokes the eye
And try again, this time it slides on through
I sigh a lot these days while doing chores
Both tears and laughter stitch a crazy quilt
My brain’s a bit threadbare from wear and tear
It comforts me to wander ’round the pastImage