Mourning as fashion

Dressing with care

What will you bare?

Cover your hair?

Too painful to bear

Black or white statement?

Redemption in cream

Bereft in soft grey

Crepe in ebony sheen

Dark wool beret

Thoughts of impending loss

Will not go away

copyright Jan Hersh 2009


4 Responses to “Mourning”

  1. lynn doiron Says:

    “Thoughts of impending loss” — oh the grief of “impending” loss … I’m put in mind of a friend whose husband recently died of ALS. Everyday full of small lettings go; all the grief of when he would be gone. Then he was. This poem triggered my thoughts to his life, and hers.

    • terramere Says:

      Yes. I went through this with my father, then mother, then brother. Now another brother is dancing with death.
      The words came quite early this morning and the fashion aspect of it is just a metaphor for the myriad thoughts of what and when and how the future will unfold.

  2. irinadim Says:

    My thoughts go out to you in these difficult times.

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